Why prearrange your funeral?

Prearranging a funeral is a difficult decision, However it is a more difficult task for the family members to make funeral arrangements after the death of their loved one.  Prearranging is a good method of reducing the hardship experienced by friends and family.  Difficult choices related to the funeral are then made in advance when people are able to cope with decisions.  Everybody should take a few minutes to think about it and decide what they want to do.
Funerals can be prearranged with or without payment in advance.  It does not cost anything to put your wishes on file with us at Fewer’s Funeral Home.  We can set up a payment plan according to your own needs.
When you pre pay your funeral the price is guaranteed to you by the funeral home,  the price is locked in. If you live 20 + years from now, you won’t have to pay anymore at the time of death.  The interest it earns is used to cover the cost of inflation.  Your money is place in a trust account in your name and will remain there until the services are needed. 
You can call the funeral home and they set up an appointment at your convenience or if you just want to get more information on prearranged funerals you can do that to at no charge to you.  If you are unable to come in, then we can arrange an appointment to come and see you at your residence, at no extra charge. 
There are over 100 questions to be answered when making arrangements and you can answer over 70 of these questions when you prearrange your funeral, also you will save your family money.  Families will emotionally spend more money when they do arrangements at the time of a loved ones passing.
Prearranging just makes sense, it will benefit you and your family at the most difficult time, the loss of a loved one.